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  FIKA FRIO brand is a heritage of Huemberto Pina, known as “The King of Northeast Ice-cream”. He started as an entrepreneur in the 50’s, side by side with his family, a small ice-cream store in Recife (Pernambuco), at Gervásio Pires street, which was multiplied in others business.

  The learnings transmitted by the master Huberto Pina are used at FIKA FRIO until nowadays: “Start always from the choice of the best feedstock and put on, besides that, something which will make the success be guaranteed: a pinch of love1”. Complementally with a basic question: “Would you give this ice-cream to your children?”.

  The most solid patrimony was always made to do the sweetness of the ice-cream a true festival of flavors, exceling for the choice of fruits and ingredients, that were always as natural as possible.

  The FIKA FRIO is a Brazilian company, the first one which opened an ice-cream factory in the state of Alagoas and it is more than 40 years on the marketplace. Currently, the enterprise produces and distributes an extension line of popsicles, ice-cream, milk drinks, and fruit pulps, which are commercialized on the states of Alagoas, Pernambuco, Paraiba and Sergipe, turning into a business leader on the market.

  We bring to our consumer a health product with an excellent quality. The ice-cream from FIKA FRIO or a fruit pulps from SHUPS is natural because it grows from the best fruits from nature. It is natural because it contains the best ingredients with certified origin, from the best providers. It is natural because it is made by people who puts more them hearth from the art of making ice-cream and fruit pulps.

  Our products are always being developed to conquer you. Who tries it, always choose us.


To produce joy with tasty health food.


• Be a reference company in Northeast and in Brazil;

• Create and maintaining brands of health reliable food;
• Be reference in good management practice with focus on human values;
• Keep being a happy and health business, which transforms the reality of people and community where it operates;
• Create different products, services, jobs, and relationships;
• Create productive collaboration to be sustainable at production and in the offer of food;
• Conquer new clients every day and be able to maintain as brands promoters.


• Confidence: Keep reliable and harmonious relationships;
• Respect: Valuing and recognition of human beings;
• Union: Working together building the common good;
• Simplicity: Excellence without waste;
• Commitment: Commitment to truth, dignity, honesty and doing well.





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